HOnest advice 

We will always offer our honest advice where we believe improvements could be made. This is to ensure your website and marketing campaigns are consistently performing the their maximum potential.


We understand that many factors could impact your marketing needs, like growth or seasonal change. This is why we’ve created comprehensive plans. Simply upgrade or downgrade when needed so that you receive exactly what you need.

Personal Approach

Our unique & personal approach with our clients allows us to gain a full understanding of your business, audience, competitors and goals. We dig deep when it comes to analysis and research so that we can provide services that match your specific needs.

Cutting edge tech


Our designers make your website with Search Engines in mind. We ensure your site is Search Engine friendly to rank highly on Google and Bing.


Your users can log onto the site anytime, anywhere with a site designed to work on Mobile Phones.

About us

Enjoy the best design and functions combined together

We are a small web design agency, based in Faversham, helping businesses of all size get a better return from online activities. We design and build stunning bespoke websites and we can help with a wide range of online marketing strategies. Every website that we create is designed and built by our team of friendly web designers and you have full content management so that you can update your website without our intervention, should you wish to do so.

We have an innovative way of working, removing unnecessary costs, offering lower prices than other similar web design agencies.

…design, functionality and usability combined together

At Digital Web Presence we put design, funcionality and usability at the same level. Customers don’t often understand the difference between functionality and usability; let us explain what we mean by these two concepts.


Besides providing information, websites feature functionality that enables users to complete tasks, such as searching the site, submitting an online form, or using interactive design features, our Web team in Marketing & Communications helps with designing, evaluating, selecting, and integrating functional components of the drafted websites. Site functionality involves a combination of code, developed by Digital Web Presence, third-party components, and external services.
Successful website functionality involves considerations beyond a webpage. For a desired function, consider:
♦ what’s the best method for the user to do what’s wanted?
♦ how will users find the function?
♦ who (or what system) will receive the results of the function?
♦ how will they receive it?
♦ what will they do with it?
♦ what follow up will be needed?
If you have a need for website functionality, feel free to contact Digital Web Presence to discuss goals and possibilities. We have unlimited development resources for custom functionality, and we are very happy to help you evaluate and implement the option that best suits your needs.


Usability is a critical facet of website quality that unfortunately often gets overlooked. Usability is concerned with the question, “How easy is it for site visitors to use the site?” More specifically:
♦ How quickly can visitors find the information they’re looking for?
♦ How easily can they accomplish tasks on a site?

Nothing is more important for a website than usability. A visually amazing website with bad usability is a bad website. The best content in the world is rendered obscure away by poor site usability. A complicating factor is that usability can seem quite abstract. You may have heard about it in terms of user experience, user interface, or whether a site is “user-friendly. ”Some general aspects of usability are:
♦ accessibility
♦ consistency
♦ learnability
♦ memorability
♦ efficiency
♦ overall user feelings / satisfaction

A few things we’re proud of

See some Digital Web Presence – Made Websites

Hermione Website Link

Holiday Homes and Estate Agency

One of the special funcionalities that Hermione Homes needed when they first started was to synchronise the bookings on their own website with the calendar of Booking.com and Airbnb. Digital Web Presence made this possible.

The Manor of Faversham Lodge

Charity Website – Freemasons

The biggest challenge we’ve had at Digital Web Presence, when receiving the requirements from this customer, has been the many, very specific requisites needed to obtain their National Charter Mark. As it always happens when creating bonds with new customers, Digital Web Presence has learned a lot about charity websites; and the experience gained will be of great benefit to other charities that will use Digital Web Presence services in the future. 

RAdio Surace

Web Radio

This is one of the projects we are most proud about. By maintaining this site and making sure its music is always available online, Digital Web Presence is contributing to keeping alive some minoritarian ancient languages spoken in  ‘Calabria’ – Italy. AS you can imagine there is quite a bit of technology involved with streaming on a website 24/7. 

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